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Fugdale’s Latest Animated Short Film Is Here!

SLM’s “Electric Cowboy”

Electric Cowboy

Yo! Bro! Chick-a-dee! Check it!

Fugdale directed this short animated film showcasing “Electric Cowboy”: the electronic dance song by SLM (Scott Lawrence). It follows the adventures of a young cowboy and his horse as they dream, ride, swim, fly and shoot their way through a colorful series of exotic locations and creatures.

This film is the perfect fantasy for people of all ages (except ages 22 and 68). Featuring oodles of hand-drawn animation (and some drawn by foot), this unique cartoonish travelogue is sure to give your spirits a lift.

Directed and edited by Fugdale.
Music by Scott Lawrence (aka SLM).
Animations and Original Drawings by Doug Fahl.

Check out the original song